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4 minutes

What a gift!

In our latest episode with the wonderful Dr Becky Quicke - I included a brief informercial half way through.

The product I wanted to share with you was The Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) Diary 2020.

"If you sometimes feel that you’re living a life that’s out of step with who you want to be, The ACT Diary 2020 can help. It’s designed to enable you to clarify your personal values (the qualities you’d most like to embody in your life) and move in meaningful directions. Through weekly exercises drawing on the latest psychological approaches, it will guide you as you master the skills needed to look after yourself, build strong relationships and pursue new opportunities."

In this episode I read some reviews (including my own). This is such a great gift for family, friends and YOU!

Buy from the publisher here:

Also on Amazon:

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