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Exploring values with Jonny Line

43 minutes

Season 2 Episode 2

In this episode I speak to my friend, Jonny Line, who is an exciting new voice in organisational psychology.

Jonny begins by reflecting on a particular skill that he draws upon in a variety of scenarios at work and then considers his own experience of using Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT).

He describes the three step approach he has developed to support himself in noticing when he's expressed his core values of self development, creativity, fairness and supportiveness.

He also sets out a way in which we can potentially enhance our efficacy in expressing what's important through turning our values on ourselves, based upon a model of positive social action. The challenge from Jonny is "how can you live out your values with others by turning them in on yourself."

Jonny's ideas have taken my own practise to a new level so I'd really encourage you to have a go.

We also consider what our own personal theme tunes might be and there is a chance to win one of three sets of values cards.

We're so proud of this episode here at People Soup - it really brings together some of our values around the creation of the podcast, which include being of service to our listeners and guests, and creating a space of connection, friendship, love, learning and fun.

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