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Flaxintosh Road Trip Part 2

12 minutes

Season 3 Episode 12

Welcome to the second part of our recording on the road. In this episode you'll hear me and my ACT pal, Dr Paul Flaxman, chatting in the lobby of Motel One in Newcastle.

We reveal our big news for 2020 - an international research collaboration and opportunity for us to flex and adapt our protocol for the workplace.

I work with Paul at City, University of London where we have redeveloped and refined a training protocol for Psychological Well-being in the Workplace. The training has a strong evidence base and we've spent time over the last year delivering Training for Trainers, to enable the protocol to be shared more widely and reach more people. Next year we go international.

We finish with an anticipation of our train journey from Newcastle to Hexham - where we were going to be working with some psychologists from across the NHS in the region. That particular train line has some personal meaning for me as it goes through my first workplace, my home village, passed my schools and my birthplace.

We also recorded the actual train journey and I'm going to make that into a separate bonus episode - our first attempt at slow radio.

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